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Monday, September 05, 2005

US should stop digging oil now!

In geography class teacher told us that US oil companies dig oil from under crust of the Earth. Furthermore, she told us that there is big volume of oil, accounting for big mass of the Earth.

And she said that one day, when all the oil has been dug out by US, this will ruin the balance of the center of gravity of the Earth, causing it to topple and fall in space.

See the Earth floats into space just like table tennis ball sitting on a edge of table tennis table.

As long as the relative forces of gravity between celestial objects, such as the Sun, Moon, satellites, and clouds remain stable, the ball does not move.

But if the relative forces change due to weight shifting, like US finger pushing on the side of it, the ball rolls off table and tumble down crashing on the floor, causing the end of the world teacher said.

This is very dangerous! I think US should stop digging oil out before it's too late.


  • At 6:29 AM, Blogger DG said…

    Your geography teacher seems like he is almost as smart as your brother. No one comes close to the great Dear Leader in the smarts deparment though, except maybe my pet turtle!


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