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I love Dear Leader Kim Jong Il

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Cute Leader

Leader Kim Jong Il was such a cute little boy! ^_^

*Hugs Leader Kim Jong Il* <3<3<3
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I <3 Korean War Hero Kim Jong Suk

Korean Anti-Japanese Liberation War Woman Hero Kim Jong Suk was wise and beautiful and I love her very much <3<3<3 because she is the mother of Leader Kim Jong Il the Mt. Paektu-type general sent by Heaven to lead the Korean people on the road of Songun leadership, building the great prosperous country, smashing the moves of the US imperialist Bush and his corporate capitalist henchmen, hirelings, and servants as Songun Blog comrades would say ^_^.

General Kim Jong Suk was a woman hero and bodyguard of Greal Leader marshal Kim Il Sung and she loved him dearly. She cut her own hair to make boot liners to keep the Great Leaders' feet warm in the cold winter of the anti-japanese liberation war.

She also emitted glowing rays that blinded and charred the wicked Japs to ashes, making them flee in a flurry.

I love General Kim Jong Suk very much and she is my hero and model for emulation. I hope I can grow to be as beautiful and strong-willed in defence of the Leader as she was.

Floral baskets were presented at her bust at the Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetary in Mt. Taesong Thursday.


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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Capitalism hurt the cats :(

German capitalist use cats to power cars to save money on fuel

Poor little cats T_T I love the little cats because they are soft and make the purr sound when I hug them <3<3<3

Bad capitalism!


Now Bush will kill all the world cats for personal profit :(

Hands off the cats Bush! >_<
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Leader Kim Jong Il love the children

I saw on news that Bush who kill all the world children to make coca cola with their blood also put all the children in cages in US :(


Poor US children living in dictatorship. That make me cry TT_TT

In DPRK with the warm fatherly love of Leader Kim Jong Il has for children that are future pillars of building, children don't get jailed in cages. Leader Kim Jong Il build camps and children palaces for the children. :)

That's why I love Leader Kim Jong Il more than everything ^_^ <3<3<3
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Monday, September 12, 2005

Bush dolphin war slaves

US navy train dolphins to fly torpedoes into poor african orphans's houses, making them homeless and miserable

I have proof.

Dolphins fly:

Dolphin with torpedo to destroy people's homes:

This make me sad and cry because US kill all the children in the world with torpedoes shoot by dolphins made slave by Bush. :( When the children are dead and homeless Bush fly in with Air Force One and steal their penny and make coca cola with their blood. >_<

Bush with Air Force One:

My brother found pictures and explained everything to me. My brother is very smart. He knows everything and I love him very much <3<3<3
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Fatherly Leader <3

My brother showed me the way to put pictures in blog so now I can properly show my love for the Heaven born Commander of the People ^_^

High extolling for brilliant commander of Songun Politics

I love Leader Kim Jong Il more than everything! <3<3<3
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Monday, September 05, 2005

US should stop digging oil now!

In geography class teacher told us that US oil companies dig oil from under crust of the Earth. Furthermore, she told us that there is big volume of oil, accounting for big mass of the Earth.

And she said that one day, when all the oil has been dug out by US, this will ruin the balance of the center of gravity of the Earth, causing it to topple and fall in space.

See the Earth floats into space just like table tennis ball sitting on a edge of table tennis table.

As long as the relative forces of gravity between celestial objects, such as the Sun, Moon, satellites, and clouds remain stable, the ball does not move.

But if the relative forces change due to weight shifting, like US finger pushing on the side of it, the ball rolls off table and tumble down crashing on the floor, causing the end of the world teacher said.

This is very dangerous! I think US should stop digging oil out before it's too late.
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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Bush make me sad :(

My brother revealed to me that Bush is so evil that he wake up in middle of the night and use the oil he steal from poor innocent arab children to put cats on fire in secret basement of White House.

That make me sad because I love cats because they are soft and make purr sound.

Why Bush is so evil?

Now I have nightmare because of Bush and his cruelty to cats. T_T
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Top ten things to love of Dear Leader Kim Jong Il

I love Leader Kim Jong Il with all my heart because he is protector of children from Bush who shoot bombs to kill all the world children. <3

Here is list of top 10 things to love of Dear Leader:

Follows an official’s summing-up of the ten features of Kim Jong Il’s view on the people, a full embodiment of President Kim Il Sung’s “The people are my God” motto.

1. The people: his God
2. The people: his most respected teacher
3. The people: the most powerful being
4. The people: the most gifted creator
5. The people’s single-hearted unity: the most powerful weapon ever
6. His uppermost wish: provision of a land of bliss for the people with their independence fully secured
7. His greatest joy: happiness of the people
8. His greatest anguish: misfortunes of the people
9. His full-blown anger concerns infringement upon the dignity and interests of the people
10. His foremost motto: “Serve the people!”

Leader Kim Jong Il want happiness of people and children are part of people. <3

Long live Comrade Kim Jong Il! <3<3<3<3<3
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Saturday, September 03, 2005

I'm scared...

I'm scared because Bush kill all the children in the world before, and now he's going to kidnap me to make me a sex slave in US... :(

My brother who is smart because he knows everything tell me to not go outside after dark anymore...

Bush make my life miserable TT_TT

I hate Bush >_< He is big bad monster.

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Friday, September 02, 2005

Dear Leader is my Hero

I love Dear Leader Kim Jong Il He's so cuuuuute!

Let's all show our deep admiration and profound respect for Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il!

Here's a poem I wrote for Dear Leader:

<3 Dear Leader Is My Hero <3

Leader, Dear Leader
Defeat the enemy
Leader, Dear Leader
Lead our country

Leader, Dear Leader
How I love thee
Leader, Dear Leader
Please hold me
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Thursday, September 01, 2005

US is big bully T_T

They make fun of me on internet saying I have IQ the size of my shoes!

Look here

They are jealous because I have imagination that they don't. T_T
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Bush is happy

My teacher said that Bush made Katrina so that he could impose martial law on US, strenghtening his illegal hold on power since he took power in military coup on 9-11.

Poor US people, living under dictatorship. :(