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I love Dear Leader Kim Jong Il

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

I 8 Bush >_<

I hate Bush because he is a war criminal who always send war criminal US imperialist air pirates to kill all the world children to make their lives miserable T_T

This morning I was walking in the empty streets enjoying the cool autumn air. I was very happy because it smelled of snow and that means that winter is very near. I love the winter because I can help my brother shovel the snow and play in the snow with him. I love my brother very much <3 He is very smart and he knows everything. *hugs brother*

I was watching a troop of good little comradely sparrows flying and swirling in formation like invincible state-of-the-art Mig-21 of the KPA Air Force who protect the children from US imperialist air pirates when capitalist puppet seagull flew over me and pooped on me >_<

The poop of the air pirate seagull hit me on the head and stuck in my hair. This made me very sad and angry and I ran home crying. This make me hate Bush more than ever.

I took shower to cleanse myself and held my picture of the General to my heart for comfort. I love General Kim Jong Il as he is protector of world children. *hugs picture of Leader Kim Jong Il*

When I told in chat Comrade Banner of Songun wrote letter to UN condemning Bush and demanding that he be tried for war crimes against humanity as he is worst war criminal in world history.

I hate Bush more than everything >_<
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Thursday, October 13, 2005


Leader Kim Jong Il is hero of the world and fatherly protector of world children.

I love Leader Kim Jong Il more than everything!

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy birthday WKP <3

Workers' Party of Korea turn 60 years!

Celebrate with Korean people!

Long live WKP!