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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Dear Leader Kim Jong Il is world best doctor <3

I love Leader Kim Jong Il because he is the world best doctor who take good care of health of all Koreans and world progressive people. <3<3<3

Two weeks ago my brother was feeling sick, and he had cough and sneeze and fever, with puffy red eyes. This was not good for him because he has to study for exams and I felt very sad to see my brother in such sorry state. TT_TT

I held my picture of Leader Kim Jong Il to my heart and prayed him for my brother's health and several days later my brother started to feel better!

This is only one example of Leader's loving care for the people of the world.

In DPRK comrade Kim Yong Ok was burned while saving slogan banners from a fire and was left with burn scars on her face and hands. Leader Kim Jong Il met with her and had her sent to world's best hospital in China for medical care to restore her face and hands.

She was away for many months and upon return she wrote letter of thanks for Leader Kim Jong Il who give warm fatherly love to all the people. She wrote this :

"Seeing us being hospitalized at the highest class room for nearly one year with payment of a fabulous medical fee under the peculiar expectation and concern of the country, even doctors, who had treated only rich men of different countries at the world's famous orthopedic hospital, repeatedly asked me that they were really a daughter and sons of workers and farmers and families of servicepersons. I loudly answered that I am a daughter of Kim Jong Il. I told doctors and foreigners that I had given up marriage after getting burn as a girl, that the whole country gave me medical treatment and helped me get married to a navy officer and that Kim Jong Il told officials to send me to the most famous hospital in the world to restore my face and hands. Deeply moved to hear me, they said that Kim Jong Il is best in the world, socialism of Korea is best and you are his daughter living in blessings. When I told them that Kim Jong Il is the sun in the sky and the future of Korea under the shining sun is always rosy and bright, they stood up to clap, shouting "Kim Jong Il-Sun!" and "Sun-Kim Jong Il!"

When I returned home, people were deeply moved to see my beautiful looks. I have been restored and have come to go forth into the world proudly as told by Kim Jong Il.

It is my genuine feeling to repay his loving care as early as possible."


Comrade Kim Yong Ok now proclaim of her deep affection for the Leader who is known for his legendary warm fatherly love he give the people. I love Leader Kim Jong Il with all my heart <3<3<3

Bush would never help a comrade in hospital because he is vampire sucking blood from Iraq children to make blood cakes. I hate Bush.

But I love Leader Kim Jong Il more than everything. <3<3<3


  • At 11:23 PM, Blogger Matt said…

    Hello Juche Girl,

    I stumbled onto your blog from Junto Boyz, a South Korean blog. It’s very interesting to see things from a North Korean perspective without being influenced by US propaganda. I’ll be sure to visit your site again soon.


  • At 8:52 PM, Blogger KnightofGoodMrIronMan said…

    Eh matthew, don't hold your breath waiting for an I.P from Pyongyang to show up on your hit meter. You fucking geek.

    p.s This blog is funny. You should appreciate the joke, cause it's on you...

  • At 12:16 PM, Blogger Will said…

    Open your eyes!

    It is your precious leader who has blood on his hands.

  • At 10:36 PM, Blogger Mal Renyolds said…

    The only thing I can say is that you people are sort of insane. I mean come on, Kim isn't a god or anything close, but your ascribing godlike powers to him that don't even exist. Also Kim Yong Ok is completly and totally nuts, you don't jump into a fire to save posters, people yes, but posters! And if she went to one of the best hospitals in the world, that would be an American, European, Japanese, or South Korean hospital. I'm sure that the Chinese have good hospitals, but quite honestly, if I needed really good medical treatment, I would go to a hospital in the U.S.A. And it wasn't the "Dear Leader"(say as sarcasticly as possible), it was that your brother probably had a cold and it took his immune system a few days to fight off the infection. Also, there is no more of a gurantee that Kim Yong Ok's story is any more than complete propaganda or not with out a large amount of fabrication.

  • At 8:56 AM, Blogger DG said…

    It's a pity he isn't also the world's best hairdresser. That hairstyle of his looks like dogs balls!

  • At 9:12 AM, Blogger DG said…

    ("It is my genuine feeling to repay his loving care as early as possible.") If you're genuine about repaying him and you are so good looking, let him give you a good shagging. That's of course is if he is still capable of getting it up. Hugh Hefner might be able to give him some useful advice in that department.


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