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Saturday, May 27, 2006

School with rabbits

In DPRK the school make rabbits. I love the little rabbits because they have cute little nose and long ears.

The Songgan Middle School in Songgan County, Jagang Province is well known throughout the country for raising a lot of rabbits.

The school produces rabbit meat and fur by breeding over 10,000 rabbits every year.

It received thanks from President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il for its laudable performance in raising rabbits.

Looking round the "rabbit park" of the school on August 31, 2000, Kim Jong Il praised a teacher for having a wealth of knowledge of rabbit growing before having a photo taken with her.

She is Ro Jong Sun, 48-year-old biology teacher, who is in charge of growing rabbits.

She thought that rabbit raising is the process of implementing the government policy of raising a lot of grass-eating animals in her mountainous village.

She formed a rabbit-breeding group and employed group and separate breeding methods, teaching schoolchildren how to raise rabbits.

In DPRK the school raise rabbits and all the people are always happy all the time. :)

In US the school make guns and kill everybody all the time. x_x
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Friday, May 26, 2006

Bush steal wing

In school we learn that birds fly. When the Great Leader President Kim Il Sung passed away good socialist cranes came from the sky to take him to the Heavens but seeing how all the Korean people and world progressive grief deeply, they took him to heavenly palace they build for Great Leader in Pyongyang so Korean people can still be close to the Leader for ever.

But not all birds fly into sky. There are birds who can not fly such as the kiwi bird in far away New Zeland country. My brother say that is because Bush steal their wings and take them to his white house to eat them. Proof of that is that white house has "west wing".

And now poor little kiwi bird with no wing can't fly to Korea to lay floral basket at feet of Great Leader statue in Mansudae. This make the poor little kiwi bird very sad and cry. Look at this proof.

Poor little kiwi bird. Victim of Bush imperialist. TT_TT

I hate Bush.
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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dear Leader Inspection

I wish Dear Leader Kim Jong Il come to my room for inspection because I love Leader Kim Jong Il very much. <3<3<3 ^_^

But I never want Bush in my room. I hate Bush.