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I love Dear Leader Kim Jong Il

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pervert Bush

I cry very much today because of Bush. Today my brother show me video of Bush who fly inside Germany country with his plane and make vicious sex attack from behind on poor downtrodden woman victim of US imperialism and now I'm scared Bush will fly into our home tonight and rape my mother TT.TT I hate Bush!

I hate Bush. Bush is such liar and pervert. I hope his plane fall out of the sky and he dies with face folded. >_<
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Monday, July 17, 2006

Evil Bush strike more but Dear Leader is best

Bush oppress the poor downtrodden people of the world for his own sick twisting pleasure. My brother who is very smart show me picture of Bush who pick up handicap people in wheelchair and toss them on the ground for laughing like maniac with the vampire Cheney. >.<

Dear Leader never do that. Dear Leader make the handicap walk and the blind see. Dear Leader is always full of loving care for the people.

Once Dear Leader went for giving guidance to handicap hospital with one room full of people who had lost an arm or leg in accidents of construction sites building the great powerfull prosperous country. Dear Leader distributed arms and legs to who needed arms and legs and when Dear Leader had finished distributing arms and legs all the people who had missing arms and legs did not miss one arm or leg no longer! Bush can't do that but Dear Leader can.

I love Dear Leader very much. Dear Leader is best!
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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bush drown all the babies

Today I was speaking with my brother. I love my brother very much because he is very smart. My brother knows everything. I told my brother that when I marry a good socialist comrade I want many children to raise for love of Dear Leader because I love Dear Leader more than everything.

My brother who is very smart praised me with a hug ^_^ but he made warning to me that in US people are so poor that they can't have children of their own and they drown all the new babies all the time T_T I ask my brother who know everything what heppen when people still want to not drown their baby and he reveal to me that Bush send CIA spy steal the people's babies against their will and they put them on a big white US boat to sell them to Jews in Palestine country. TT_TT I hate Bush.

That's why my brother say US is country without love or caring, unlike DPRK where all the comrades live for the love of Dear Leader who is the father of all Koreans.

Then I ask my brother who is very patient as well as smart how can US keep population if all babies are drown or selled away to Jews by Bush. Brother say that Bush send US GI inside Mexico country to steal all the babies there and make them into US without international knowing it which is why they are called illegal immigrants so Bush can exploit them for slave labor in his secret salt mines on his ranch in Texas and that also Bush kidnap Korean girls to make sex slave in White House. This scare me much and I can't sleep for fear of nightmare of Bush.

I hate Bush who drown and steal all the world babies for personal profit and make me have nightmares. >.<

I hold my picture of Dear Leader to my heart for comforting and I love Dear Leader very much. I also love my brother who is very smart because he know everything *hug brother*

But I hate Bush.